It might seem the case of getting a basketball hoop sorted out, would be a simple enough kind of thing. Get hold of the metal rim and the backboard, and before long you will be slamming dunks!

However, in the real world, there are things that you must consider if you’re looking at a basketball hoop that will last for some time and give you many years of great fun.

First Things First Indeed

The first thing to think about when purchasing that basketball hoop is exactly where do you want to place it? You will need to ensure that the area that you have in mind is indeed large enough for a couple of people to at least dribble and play without having to constantly bumpinto one another.

  • Also, no windows or other things which may just get broken in that area as that fun game of basketball will start to get expensive if you’re constantly having to replace things which you have accidentally broken!

Ground Matters

You need to also make sure that the ground is perfectly smooth and firm and similar to modern that seen in basketball court construction. You will need to easily bounce the ball on it and ensure that the ball won’t get damaged whilst playing.

  • Remember, that you will need to put the hoop someplace where it won’t disturb neighbours when you play.

Installation Matters

After sorting out a great place for your hoop, you will then have to decide exactly how you wish to mount it. You can put it on the side of a building, such as a garage or house.

You can fit a permanent post into a concrete base and then fit the hoop on that. Or there’s the freestanding hoop option, which can be moved around or put away when not in use.

  • It’s also that much easierto adjust the height of the freestanding type of basketball hoop.

Budget Matters

Your choice must beresolved by the area you have decided upon, your particular requirements and naturally your budget.

  • The freestanding type of hoops are going to be a lot more expensive than those which can be fitted on to a building.
  • Mounting a hoop on a postcan be less expensive, but then you have to think about the cost forfitting the post also.

Backboard Matters

You can select either wood or fibreglass, with wood being lighter and cheaper, but usually not as durable. One thing to consideris that a clear fibreglass basketball hoop will look that much better if fitted on a building because it won’t be so obvious and stand out so much.

Rim Matters

Think about how the back of the hoop is going to be attached to the backboard. It can be welded and fixed, into place, or breakaway and spring loaded.

The fixed rim is cheaper, and the breakaway type will absorbs pressure.

Whichever set up you go for, enjoy yourself!