Jewelry is one of the most personal expressions we express, and they often have a very special meaning to us. Jewelry designer for over 25 years. Here she gives her eight best tips for you who love jewelry.

  1. Know the quality

“There are several things to keep in mind when evaluating the quality of a piece of jewelry. One quality may be that the jewelry is made in the finest precious metals by a skilled jeweler like Jeweller Midwest; another may be that you have got the jewelry of your girlfriend, love the color of a colored glass stone or bought it for yourself in a special occasion. Then it can be of great value to you, without it being genuine. In my optics, the greatest quality about a piece of jewelry is that it speaks to you, makes you beautiful and emphasizes your personality. And of course it must not break. “

  1. Take good care of them

“Precious gold, silver and stone jeweler can be worn every day of its life if properly made and not too fragile in its construction and socket. Especially jewelry with pearls and silver become more beautiful when in use. The pearls get a vibrant sheen and the silver does not oxidize. Such jewelry also benefits from being cleansed and inspected by a jeweler. But if you have jewelry that has a value other than the real one, which is coated or oxidized or has leather parts, then you need to take them off when you bathe, wash hands, exercise and sleep. Gold coatings and oxidations can be worn off, but can be recreated with a jeweler. ”

1. Store them properly

“You need to store your jewelry at room temperature and not in damp rooms such as bathrooms. When your jewelry is not in use, it is best in a soft cotton bag or a soft lined jewelry box. ”

2.Find your style

“One of the great things about jewelry is that they can turn the expression up and down in a look. We have generally become a little braver in our style at home, so you may want to fire it a bit on the jewelry front. Just as you see many bags in wild shapes and colors, so do the jewelery also have to have both expression and color. Here in Scandinavia we still like to go in muted colors and it is so beautiful to use jewelry with color for. Right now, we strongly believe in medium-sized metal jewelry with semi-precious stones in deep jewel colors such as burgundy, moss green and caramel. In addition, the long, slim earrings with colored stones are really elegant in winter. ”

3.Highlight your eye color

“Your eye color is more apparent if you use stones in either a complementary color or the same color as your eyes. That is, green eyes are highlighted by green or reddish stones, blue eyes by either blue or orange shades and brown by either brownish or purple stones. “

4.Think about the occasion

“If there is a parent meeting at school, funerals or formal events, then go for simple jewelry that gives you a personal yet neutral look. If you are going on a sun holiday, go all-in on pearls, tassels and volume. For a party evening, you can give it full throttle with long, sparkling earrings and lovely big finger rings in colored colors. Then your clothes may be simpler. ”