“Being classy is not a choice, it is a lifestyle.” – Unknown

The quote above perfectly demonstrates the facts and prolong figures of us and the people around us who want to be looked like someone’s inspiration when it comes to dressing and skin tones. However, racism is gone far away as we have taken in people with various sects and color, caste and creed but what is not gone and will never go is the looks that personify a person’s personality.

The dressing is a choice, everyone wants to look great and inspire others. Does everyone want to be someone who has to answer where did that come from? Where did you find it? And many more and to add more to it, Zipper Shipper helps you with it.

Long ago, where there was no need of zippers, people went in for buttons and buttons have made it so far that now people look for custom buttons, those buttons that have a name of their loved ones or the one with their favorite character being etched to the button as a mark. 

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