For most people, their pets are family, and they would not even consider leaving their dog, cat, or bird behind when moving. However, moving a pet to another country can be difficult and take time. Here are some tips for moving a pet with you when relocating to another country.

Contact the Consulate

Every country has its own rules for importing animals, which are often influenced by the animal’s country of origin. Contact the consulate of the country to which you’re moving to find out their regulations about allowing your pet into their country. Some breeds of dogs and cats may not be allowed, so you may need to make the hard decision about leaving your pet with friends or family back home.

Don’t Procrastinate

Depending on the country you are relocating to, it can take some time for your pet to be cleared and allowed into the country. Most countries require your pet to have certain medical tests done, and they may be quarantined for several weeks or months before they are cleared to move to their new home. Make sure they get the necessary tests and get them on time, so there are no delays in welcoming your furry friend home.

Call the Airline

Find out the rules for transporting your pet by air by contacting the airline on which you’re travelling. The rules may change for transporting your pet at the different stops you have to make before reaching your destination, so it is important to get clear instructions from the airline’s representative for your pet’s safety. Learn more about pet safety at before preparing your pet for travel.

Use the Right Carrier

When you speak to the airline, find out what type of pet carrier they require you to use for transporting your furry friend. Many airlines require you to use carriers approved by the International Air Transport Association, and if you cannot find one in a pet store, you may be able to rent one from the airline. The representative you speak with at the airline should be able to tell you the exact size of the carrier you will need for transporting your pet.

Investigate Living Conditions

Contact someone in the country to which you’re moving to find out how well your pet will be received. Ask about the availability of veterinarians in the community where you will live and find out if your pet will be accepted in apartments or houses in the area. Also, find out if there are local kennels where you can leave your pet when you go on vacation. It is important to make your pet comfortable, and if they are not accepted in the country to which you’re moving, that can be difficult to do.

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