Cars are a necessary requirement for most of us, and in a perfect world, the automobile would run forever, only requiring fuel, yet in reality, your car needs regular servicing in order to perform day in, day out. While each make and model of car would have its own maintenance schedule, as a general rule, your car should be serviced every 6-8,000 miles, and the details of the service would be recorded in the rear of the owner’s manual.

  • Engine Oil & Filter – In order for the engine to run at optimum levels, the oil and filter needs to be changed at regular intervals, and the type and grade of oil is stipulated by the manufacturer. All internal combustion engines need constant lubrication, and after a few thousand miles, the oil loses its properties.
  • Checking Drive Belts – All drive belts should be inspected for correct tension and wear and tear, with replacements if necessary. Fluid levels in power steering and brakes should be checked and topped up when necessary.
  • Checking Coolant Levels – In the UK, anti-freeze is a must in the winter, as this prevents the water from freezing over, and with levels checked regularly, your car should not overheat.

The owner’s manual would stipulate what needs to be done, with things like brake pads and gearbox oil replaced at intervals, and your friendly local garage can carry out the servicing.