In this era of texts and emails, one might feel that maintaining long distance relationships is easier than ever. Well, that’s true but everything has two sides of the coin, that is, pros and cons.

While long distance has its own beauty, the eagerness, the long waits, excitement and skipping of the heartbeats, it also requires some serious efforts like any other relationship.

Therefore, if you are sharing LDR with your partner, try out the following specific considerations to make your long-distance relationship work. Read on!

  • Schedule

Different work and life schedules can create a lot of problems, especially in long-distance relationships. Find out certain things like the best time that suits you both, the time when you both are at your best on the basis of schedule flexibility or the time you both crave to talk. Set the pattern with your partner and stick to it in order to actually make it work for you both.

  • Trust

Make sure to check in and not check upon your partner. Trust is the most essential part in any relationship and it becomes super important if you are in a long-distance relationship. Understand that the person on the other side of the relationship is your partner and they would be feeling the same thing as you. Besides, make sure not to do anything that you wouldn’t want your partner to do.

  • Connection

Make sure you are well connected to your partner. Sometimes people focus on talking quality things and miss out the small boring details of the day while having a conversation with their partner which makes the one disconnected with the life of their partner. Don’t keep the dull moments of your day as a secret to your partner, this makes you stay connected with each other’s lives even when the distance does not.

  • Communication

When you are in a long-distance relationship, you get lesser time to talk to your partner but staying in a long-distance relationship offers you with the quality of conversations. You can plan out your day and have a much better quality of conversation than having a monotonous conversation in a huge quantity.

  • Gifts

Sometimes being physically present becomes a necessity but due to one reason or the other, you cannot visit your partner or vice-versa like on birthdays, anniversary or valentine’s day. On such occasions you need to send gifts to you partner along with love notes. For instance, if you are in Chennai and your partner is in Delhi, you can use the online cake delivery in Delhi and make sure your partner gets the cake delivered at midnight on the birthday eve.

  • Technology

One thing that will make your life easier even while staying apart is technology. Buy a couple touch lamp or a couple LDR pillow to make sure you are near to your partner emotionally when you are away physically.

  • Goals

If one partner thinks that long-distance is good while the other wants to stay together, there might be frictions which are not good for the relationship. Make sure the goal of the relationship is as per the both of you. You both should be on the same page to make the relationship move to the next step of engagement or marriage.

Keep in mind the above points to make sure that you have a healthy and sound relationship. With the vital points, your relationship is sure to be smooth and healthy.