You’ve got a great event planned out, but the number of registrants is low, or you are planning an event in the future, and you need actionable strategies that can attract people to attend. This is such a serious condition and has bothered a few event organizers. However, the solution to this challenge is not expressly onward, and it is something that most people fail at if they aren’t strategic. This is much more than planning a free invitation event.

In this technological age, targeting a defined audience for your event has become a simple process. Event planners and organizers can reach a wider audience most conveniently and cheaply. The ideas we’ll be sharing may be handy if you want to get more attendees for your upcoming event. So, sit tight and get your notepad and pen down the few points that resonate. However, as easy as the ideas may seem, a single mistake may cost you a lot.


Segmenting an Audience to Get Your Target Event Attendees

For every activity you engage in that would warrant you to sell, then you’ll need audience segmentation to scale through. It is essential to have an idea of segmenting an audience before you create your event. Segmenting your audience can be done by considering several relevant factors: age, interest, demography, and personality type.

This also means your target audience will be categorized into different groups. This will help the organizers know what kind of event invitation to send to the different audience segments based on content. When you do this, it conveys a message that the invitation is not generic but focused on a specific audience depending on their age and area of interest. So, it makes the attendee feel valued and curious to attend the upcoming event.


Ways That Will Help You Get More Attendees for Your Event

Send Invites with Gifts

Sending out gifts to your attendees alongside the invitation is a unique giveaway. It is a great way to tease your attendees and give them the impression that they wouldn’t regret attending the upcoming event. This creative method can serve as part of your event’s branding, especially if you plan to make it a recurring event. Study your audience, and decide what you can gift them when you send an event invitation. The gift can be chocolate, e-books, or an extra ticket for one.

Conduct a Short Interview with Your Line Up Speakers 

The caliber of guest and speaker you invite for your event can influence your attendees. Whether it’s a speaker or an artist you’re inviting, select the star amongst them, and conduct a brief interview. This will serve as a teaser for the upcoming event. Hire a freelance journalist and have them conduct the interview professionally. As a part of the script, let the interviewee speak about the event and all possible expectations. It is recommended that the interview is in a video format, so people can have a glimpse of what they’ll find at the event.

Post Frequently on Social Media & Top Blogs

People spend more time on their phone scrolling through different feeds on social media. Having a post about your event uploaded on social media channels and top blogs will be an added advantage for top-of-the-mind recall. Let the post keep appearing on thousands of mobile screens. However, this should be done so that viewers do not see it as spam. Instead, let it be a form of reminder on several occasions. Posting on top blogs may cost you money, but the result is worth it, as it concerns event awareness. Everyone who visits the blog will have the opportunity of seeing the event banner.