Have you ever searched for your favorite fabric and couldn’t find it. Did you ever have the need to find to hunt for a special fabric and couldn’t find it in your local stores? Curtain.com is here to assist you in your entire fabric search. There are a wide variety of fabrics available in our websites .there are fabric for all different users and needs. We have special categories by which you can select the fabric you need; some of our categories include color, fabric type, purpose, pattern or theme, weight, brand and many others. One of the specialties of our website is different methods of international shipping and our special discount scheme called fabric coupon and fabric discount code. The hunt for a better fabric at an affordable cost is the main direction where the economy is currently moving and this is where we have decided to have our business focused on.

About us

We were a company founded in 1993 as a textile group to supply cheat and reliable fabrics to different sellers around the United States. We moved towards worldwide supply with the introduction of our website in 1999, this was also an experiment to sell the products directly to customers for a cheaper price than found at local markets. Currently we are a subsidiary of Amazon since 2008.

Selectivity of the fabrics

There are wide selections of fabrics to choose from. One can search for hours till the perfect fabric is found with the user’s choice of mixtures of different types. this also give the user the possibility of finding cheaper alternative to the offline stores as almost all of the products sold in traditional stores are brought from fabric.

Deliver time for the purchased product

The delivery time for the goods purchased were always delivered in record time and always made their customers happy. This helped them save a lot of money and time in the process and helped improve the user base. After the accusation by Amazon fabric have had the ability to uses amazons shipping services to further supplement and improve their deliver times by using amazons services. This has also opened them to features like same day delivery and prime deliveries.

Special discounts and other offers

There are different offers provided by fabric.com, there are mainly discounts based on holidays around the worlds to attract customers from all around the world, the offers for these days are planned in advance so that customers can get their fabrics delivered on time to celebrate. Theoffer that has been standing out from the rest of the competition is fabric coupon and fabric discount codes. These fabric discount codes are actively distributed through their social media accounts and are usable by the first few users who claim these codes. There are also many offers for these fabric discount code some offers discounts up to 70 percentages along with free shipping and many others. The rise of fabric.com to huge success is mainly due to the special discount program and their reliable and trusted shipping methods even before the 2008 accusation.