If you’re playing football manager 2019 gratuit and you’re looking for some steps how to turn your team into a champion one, then you’ve come to the right page. Today’s article will discuss some useful tips and steps on how you can make your mid-table mediocrity team into a champion league contenders in the incoming season game.

Take a look at the following steps below, be sure to follow these steps so you can make this happen. Starting from the squad morale, managing with injured players, and finding the right tactics for the incoming matches are just the basic factors you should be aware of, once you mastered the following factors, you can expect that your team might have the chance to become one of the Champion League contenders.

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Manage the Squad Balance and Morale

Make sure that your starting eleven football players are in good condition and has the energy to compete in the incoming season league. Check the defense to attack mode, it is recommended for you to have at least 3-star rating in each player’s position and sometimes, a couple of youngsters should be added also.

It is also recommended to pick at least 18 football players with adequate levels to your division which can be called at the stage for the season. Moreover, you must need to be confident that your rotational football players have the ability to play on the levels of your starting XI.

Look for the Quality Staff

The next step after managing your squad balance and morale, you also need to upgrade your team staffs, make sure that all of them are in the above average of the league. This setting and feature can be found in the staff menu tab in Football Manager. It is also advisable that you should only hire a staff that has the ability to speak in multi-language or speak the same language as your team so they can adjust and match the culture of your team.

Another tip to remember, make sure that your assistant manager has the same philosophies as you, and make sure that they have the ability to handle future press conference in order for you to save more time.

Aside from that, make sure that your recruitment team is strong in different countries as their main role is to recruit and scout potential football stars. In addition, make sure that your medical staff suit the needs of your football players, find out more here.

Look for a Strategy That Can Match Your Current System

Make sure that you’re creating your tactics around your team and not the team around your tactics. Doing this will not hinder your football players as they will play in their current position and role. Applying this factor will also help your squad morale to go up, thus, can result from making them reliable and capable to play in any game match. In addition, make sure that you have 2/3 different systems so your players will become familiar with more than one type of football.