So that moment of your life has arrived when you leave behind the million memories you had collected under the roof and walls of your present home. Although you may be welling up staring at the nail mark on the wall and the memory attached to it, you are equally excited to venture to a new beginning, a new home. But all these dramatic, movie-like situations fall into pieces when the real agonising bits of moving a house crop their ugly heads. More than reminiscing and cherishing what you are leaving behind, all you can think of is how to move all your stuff safely into your new home. The turning point of your life unfortunately transforms into a stressful nightmare. But you don’t have to go through this if you choose. You can simply go for a man and van service, and voila! Life just became easier. For you sceptics out there who are shrugging their shoulders and nodding their heads in disapproval, below are listed some essential benefits of going for a man and van hire service.

  1. Hassle-free removals- Opting for a man and van service saves you from getting your hands dirty and your nerves scattered, as they take over the job for you and safely move your possessions to your new home. Lifting heavy objects or managing fragile pieces require experience, and although your friends have been courteous to offer their help to you, they lack the requisite understanding of how to go about it, risking their health in the process. So shun away stress and simply sip on a glass of lemonade as your possessions magically move from one home to the next.
  2. Vans come in all sizes- Man and van services usually offer vans of all sizes, depending upon how bulky your belongings are. Irrespective of whether it’s a small removal project or large, a van suitable for your needs will be available for you. The moving van not just comes with a man, but men (in case of bigger projects), who provide enough muscle and strength to make your move seamless and comfortable. This would save you some time and wouldn’t, for sure, leave you dehydrated.
  3. Cost-effective service- Many of you wonder, cringe, and raise your eyebrows to massive arcs when the idea of a service is brought to you. You live with a notion that ‘it’s all too expensive’, while it’s not really the case. On the contrary, they can turn out to be quite affordable. If you want to lay your hands on the best deals, you should always book your removal schedule on a weekday as opposed to a weekend, as weekends are usually busy and hence expensive. Also, some of the man and van hire services offer massive discounts if booked on off peak days. So do keep your eye out for that.
  4. Safe removal- Hiring a man and van service means that you are calling for experienced professionals, who know their job and hence, would ensure your removal with safety. Being adept at the art of packing and moving, your possessions would be moved with precision, avoiding any damage or accident. However, despite professionals involved, unforeseen accidents can occur at any time. Thus, a lot of these removal services also offer insurance policies to keep your goods safe at all costs.

If after reading the advantages you are considering the idea of using a service, then make sure that you finalise the rate of the service before signing the contract, and also evaluate the number of men you would need for the relocation. If you do need extra hands, have a chat with your service and settle on a rate beforehand to avoid any bitter experience later.

Also, make sure that the van is equipped with a GPS service, as it would be a nightmare to find that the van you entrusted all your stuff with, is lost. Lastly, if you are paying by the hour, make sure that the service is moving at the right pace and gets the job done in time. You wouldn’t want to pay for them sitting at the patio and chewing on a doughnut.