With the summer season approaching, it’s time to invest in some summer clothing for your toddler. It is that time of the year when the sun is out, the temperature is hot and everything around you is bright and colourful. After the gloomy winters, your toddlers become more active comparatively. They will be playing outside, will be making a splash in the pool and also hogging on some ice creams. Toddler boys love this season more and prefer playing while wearing shorts and trunks. What could be a better option than shopping for your toddler at Splash? Splash offers a variety of “must-haves” for your child this season and with Splash promo code you can avail some excellent discounts as well.

Footwear for summers

Making purchases for footwear in this hot weather is essential. After all your kids cannot wear closed shoes all the time, he will end up having a rash. If you make an investment with Splash in the footwear, then there is a possibility your child can carry the footwear for at least a couple of years, unless it outgrows him. The best footwear for the season is the sandals which come with the strap having a Velcro. These sandals are easy to put on and off, a big ‘yay’ if you have a naughty and hyper toddler. There’s a variety of them available and you can make your purchasing with the help of Splash promo code. For example, you can purchase the rubber one for casual use, and leather one which usually has straps on the back of the ankle for a little casual use.

Another excellent addition to your toddler’s footwear collection for summers is the flip flops. They are perfect casual footwear for the hot seasons and if you have the concern of them easily coming out, then you can always select the one with an elastic strap at the ankle area. These are perfect for weekend plays at the beach and with Splash promo code you can buy them in a variety of colours to make them match with their outfits.

Clothes for the Hot Season

Living in the UAE means getting access to gorgeous beaches, and this means that investing in swimming trucks for boys is important. These shorts are a must-have this season and if you have Splash promo code, then make sure you purchase at least 5 of them, all in different colours. Not only are they meant to be worn on the beach, but they can be worn on a cool date or just casually on a hot summer afternoon.

Tank top is another must-have for the season; these can be worn every day from May to August. These tops are inexpensive and are usually a boy’s favourite. You can pair them with swimming trunks or shorts according to the colours and patterns. Use Splash promo code and mix and match trunk tops with different shorts to make a complete clothing set.

Other clothing for this season you can invest in is in T-shirts, denim shorts and cargo pants. These can also be used formally and Splash is full of variety to select from.