Are you that person? Do you spend more time with your friends who golf just because you love the feeling of being out on a course? Do you have favourite times of the day to go golfing, or choose to go when you are more energetic or more serene? Whether you’re constantly trolling the golf stores for the latest merch or busy researching various golf clubs in Edmonton or your area and practicing your golf swing in your head while waiting at the dentist’s office, you’re not alone.

Golf is a popular sport that is played around the world. Once introduced by the Scots, it’s now a popular sport and pastime for many people. There’s nothing quite like getting out onto the green and getting to take the first swing of the day. Whether you love to practice at the putting range or want to get the most yards out of your swing possible, read on to find out our tips and tricks for living your best golf life. If you can tear yourself away from the course, that is!

Tips and Tricks for Your Best Golf Life

– Decide whether you will be golfing solo or with a few friends.

This is going to make booking appointments at the course easier or you can plan to carpool or something so there aren’t four of you driving to the course, for example. Golfing alone can be nice as well, so figuring out which you want to do can make it easier to coordinate prior to departure.

– Pack snacks and water in your bag.

Even though you’re either doing light walking with a bag or riding in a cart, you still need to stay hydrated. Thinking ahead and packing some water in a bag along with some snacks is the best way to deal with having low blood sugar or a lack of hydration. The best thing that you can do is to try and go before you head out to start the game. Although, do be sure to know where the restrooms are while out on the course so you can make a quick getaway in the cart if you need to!

– Have the right gear for you.

Forgot your golf tees or your gloves – or your balls? Don’t worry, because most courses offer up golf stores that are right on site. These pro shops will likely have everything you need to play, from tees for the swinging to tees for the wearing. They might even offer up golf clubs in Edmonton if you’re interested in grabbing a new set.

– Wear sunscreen.

Golf is an outdoor sport, and you really do become conscious of the sun’s effect while playing it. Be sure to put on sunscreen before heading out and you may be happy you did.

– Have the right clubs for you.

Are you searching for a new set of golf clubs in Edmonton or are happy with the ones that you have? Sometimes people feel that maybe their clubs are too short or too long or too heavy, while others are content with golf with the ones they have and feel that they’ll always be reliable. Whether a lefty or a righty or using the latest clubs, using the right clubs for you can help you have a better game – which is the goal at the end of the day besides the enjoyment of the sport!