One of the biggest trends to hit the modern world, especially among young people, is the act of vaping. This is done on devices called e-cigarettes. They have been touted as being safer than traditional cigarettes. They are certainly popular and show no signs of going anywhere any time soon. Here are some interesting facts about the devices and how they function.

1. In 1963, the very first prototype for e-cigarettes was developed. However, the first commercial product being sold as an e-cigarette did not hit the market until 2003. The commercial device was created by a gentleman in China who also happened to be a chain smoker. Another Chinaman developed a slightly different device in 2004. Major tobacco companies caught wind of the device and created their versions in 2007.

2. E-cigarettes are not smoked in the way that traditional cigarettes are. There is liquid inside of them, which is heated, and the user inhales the subsequent vapor which is emitted. Instead of being called smoking, the act is called is vaping.

3. The vapor has been touted as being safer and “healthier” by almost all ¬†E-Cig Shop Services wheat ridge co because there are fewer toxic chemicals found in the vapor versus cigarette smoke. The nicotine level found in regular cigarettes is also approximately 10 times higher than the level found in e-cigarettes.

4. Today, cigarettes come in only two “flavors.” There is menthol and then there is the regular tobacco flavor. However, those who partake in vaping have access to a staggering array of flavors. Those flavors include such things as strawberry, coffee, Pina colada, vanilla and literally hundreds of others.

5. The price of vaping can run about 30% to 40% cheaper than that of smoking cigarettes. A person who smokes one pack of cigarettes per day will spend, on average, about $1000. The vaper who buys a starter kit and then purchases a supply of vaping liquid for one year will spend between $600 and $700. In fact, one cartridge used with an e-cigarette will about 45 times longer than will a regular cigarette.

6. There are certain public places where vaping is allowed, and cigarette smoking is not. This is because no smoke is emitted from an e-cigarette. There are many places such as bars and restaurants which allow vaping. However, there has been some public backlash to this, and some facilities are changing their policies regarding vaping. It is still illegal to vape in places such as airplanes.

As you can see, there are many interesting facts about vaping of which you may not have been aware. Vaping is definitely a very popular habit and/or past time. As stated before, it shows no sign of being in decline so people should probably get used to dealing with it. For more information regarding vaping and the benefits it has over traditional cigarettes, do a cursory search on the internet. The Web will provide you with everything you need to know.