Hernia stands out to be one of the minor complications arising during pregnancy. Hiatal hernia during pregnancy is common. It is a medical condition where an internal organ pops out which is normally within specified parameters. It would involve a loop of intestine that protrudes through a weak spot in the muscles of your abdominal walls.

For an individual the most common area of hernia is navel button or the navel.

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Hiatal hernia pregnancy symptoms

The symptoms tend to occur if there is a swelling or lump around your navel or any region of your abdomen. The moment you figure it out you might have to get in touch with your doctor or midwife. In case of some women even though the hernia is visible it would be completely painless. For some women discomfort or pain at the site of hernia is common when they sneeze or cough. The same logic applies when they go on to lift heavy objects.

A major problem of hernia arises when the loop of the intestine would stand in the way of abdominal twists or walls. This would cut off section of blood to that intestine or act as a source of obstruction for the bowels. These symptoms could lead to a considerable pain in the region of hernia. If the pain become too unbearable it is advisable that you seek medical attention at the earliest.


As far as the treatment of hernia evolves, the best way would be to repair the abdominal wall. The repair of a hernia is relatively simple, but it is rarely undertaken during pregnancy. In most cases, women are advised to wait for a few months before they get their hernia repaired. Some doctors may suggest that the operation can be held on hold till a lady no longer wants to bear kids. For more information, you can visit babybedtimesettlement.com.

If a hernia becomes strangulated, the doctor is going to push back the loop of a bowel into the correct place. This means that you might have to delay the surgery till the baby is born.

If you are facing issues of pain when you are sneezing or coughing, help can be provide by supporting hernia. The moment you feel a cough or sneeze coming just press on the hernia. During period of pregnancy it is better if you avoid lifting heavy weights. Sometimes you might have to wear a belly band or a truss over the hernia. This would ensure maximum support and reduce any form of discomfort that may arise when you are pregnant.

During an assisted form of birth, a hernia hardly causes any problems.

Hiatal hernia

This is a type of hernia that occurs during the course of pregnancy that could worsen the condition of pregnancy. Near the topmost region of abdomen, there is presence of diaphragm that acts as a dividing line between lungs and intestines.

The symptoms of hiatal hernia would include acid influx or heartburn. An effective remedial measure would be to have small meals.