If you’re a fan of the magazine Real Simple, you likely pick it up at the library or get it delivered to your home so that you can read about the excitement of new linen freshener and how plastic art frames can transfer carbon dioxide into oxygen throughout your home. Soon enough, you’ll be picking up this magazine if you realize that you’re moving out soon and need some inspiration as to how to move out as smoothly as possible or what style you should decorate your new crib as.

Know where you’re going with colour

First things first: colour, colour, colour. What colors do you want your space to vibrate through as? If you are more the serene kind, then green as was Pantone’s greenery 2017 colour may be the best way to move forward. You can then work around with your three main colours (all should match in shade and tone! If you need a refresher, check back to a color wheel as you had to do in elementary art class) where you can plop decals down in unexpected places. That small laundry room that often gets brushed away to the side? Paint the walls a forest green and you’ll automatically feel a lift of brilliance when it comes to laundry day. Handy can get the paint job set for you if you reserve a painter in advance through their seamless app.

Mix-match the hues within your palette

Your walls may be a lurid forest green, but that doesn’t mean every single item of your home needs to be the same hue of green. Try for a mid-century love sofa or an end table with accented details in your choice of colour. Don’t over-do it though, it wouldn’t look nice if your whole place was a mix of different shades of green. That can be completely off-putting. If you are entering your new apartment and it already has a few shades of the colour you’d like to spread throughout the rest of your home, asking a Handy painter in advance may allow you to get their help through the handyman channel. They might even go pick up a pot of paint with the matching colour for you without you having to lift a finger! It’s this kind of high-quality service that keeps our company rolling and going.

Spice up the Front of Your Home

There’s nothing like some porch décor to get the neighbours jealous and curious about what’s going on inside. Set the tone of your home (hey, that rhymes!) with a splash of your favorite color either present in the porch furniture, such as via the water-resistant chair cushions or their wood structures, or as a blatantly painted front door.