‘Tis the season for decorating! While stringing up lights and hanging stockings is a classic way to celebrate the holidays, there are lots of other creative ways to dress up your home or office this Christmas season. Let’s explore some fun, unique ideas that will make your decorations stand out from the rest.

Bring Nature Inside

One of the best parts about winter is all that beautiful snowfall. Why not bring a bit of the outdoors in with a few festive pine cones? Place them in a decorative bowl on your coffee table or use them as a base for a centerpiece on your dining room table. You can even spray paint them with glitter or metallic colors to give them an extra bit of holiday spirit.

Another great natural element is evergreen boughs, which you can easily find at your local garden center. Hang them around door frames and windows, or use them as part of a larger wreath or garland decoration. You can even gather pine cones, holly berries, and other natural elements like acorns to add texture and fullness. Just be sure to mist your evergreen boughs with water every few days so they stay looking fresh throughout the holiday season.

DIY Ornaments

Christmas decorations don’t always have to come from the store; you can get crafty and make some yourself! Start by gathering supplies like felt, pom-poms, ribbon, sequins, and old buttons for making felt ornaments. You can also try making paper mache ornaments using balloons and newspaper strips if you’re feeling adventurous.

Or if you want something simpler yet still eye-catching, try making melted crayon art by melting colorful crayons onto white cardstock with an iron (just remember adult supervision!). There are tons of different options when it comes to making homemade holiday decorations—and they’re so much fun to do with family and friends!

Repurpose Old Items

Don’t toss out last year’s decorations just yet—get creative instead! Try repurposing old items around your house into new decorations that look completely different than before. For example, take those plain glass vases sitting in storage and fill them with candy canes for an easy centerpiece decoration that looks like it came straight from Pinterest!

And turn those old mason jars into luminaries by adding battery-powered tea lights inside each one—the warm glow will instantly transform any room into a cozy winter wonderland.


Adding festive touches to your home doesn’t have to be expensive; all it takes is a little creativity! From nature-inspired decor pieces to homemade crafts and repurposed items around the house, there are plenty of interesting ways to spruce up your space this Christmas season without breaking the bank. Of course, if you do want a more classic look, you can always reach out to a christmas lighting specialist to help you celebrate! Good luck, and happy holidays