Vaping or electronic cigars are considered to be a safe option than regular cigarettes in the eyes of some. For them it could be a way to cut down or eradicate smoking completely. Vaping while pregnant is a strict no as per doctors.

You ought to consider the fact that they still put nicotine into your body which is not safe for a pregnant or breastfeeding woman.

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Electronic cigarette assumes to be a nicotine modelled service. Some resemble futuristic and others replicate a regular cigarette.

The moment you smoke a regular cigarette you burn tobacco, which means nicotine reaches out to the lungs. Tobacco is loaded with thousands of toxic chemicals. From an electronic cigarette vapours are going to emerge which does pose serious implications when you are pregnant. More detailed analysis is needed for the same. Traces of nickel or chromium are found that can cause considerable harm to the developing baby.

Any liquid that is being in an electronic cigarette does not have regulation.  Most of them are loaded with chemicals or a host of flavouring agents. Till date there is no regulation as far as these ingredients are concerned. Though a study on the impact of these vapours even is it pregnant woman has not yielded substantial results.

A lot of women still do have a lot of misconceptions about electronic cigarettes. Of the woman who was part of a survey 40 % women were of the opinion that electronic cigarettes were considered to be a safe option than regular cigarettes. 61 % felt it can be a source of addiction whereas 58 % felt it did contain nicotine. What was more alarming is that out of the study conducted only 13 % went on to use electronic cigarettes. The main reason why they did go on to choose electronic cigarettes was they did consider it to be safe.

Is Vaping safe during pregnancy? You ought to consider that electronic cigarettes put nicotine into the body of the mother and baby. Till date no safe level of nicotine exposure has been found during pregnancy. If exposure to nicotine takes place it disrupts function of babies and leads to altered brain structure. Use of tobacco products during pregnancy increases chances of miscarriage, still birth along with infant syndrome all of a sudden. Either nicotine is it from electronic or regular cigarettes reflects in your breast milk.

In the real world that we are part of no woman is it a pregnant or non-pregnant one should not smoke. But sadly this does not seem to be the case and women who smoke do become pregnant. The moment you are pregnant and you are into smoking any type of cigarette you should stop it on an immediate basis. Just discuss with your doctor on various ways to cut down on smoking.

On the other hand in case if you are planning to make a switch to electronic cigarettes it is better to discuss with your doctor.

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