When purchasing rifles online it is very important to ask for proper documentation and serial numbers, run the serial number through the police station and keep an eye out for anyone that may be committing fraud. Guns are not just the normal everyday product you purchase online so it is very important to follow these guidelines as not following them can lead you to the possibility of federal charges depending on the situation and how severe it is. Getting in the habit of making sure your purchase is legitimate and legal will save you a lifetime of grief.

Documents and Serial Numbers

When purchasing a rifle online, always make sure the seller gives you the documents to the gun and that the gun has a serial number embedded into the side. If the serial number is scratched off, your best bet is to report the gun to local authorities or turn down the offer to make a purchase. Although you may not think documents and serial numbers are important, they plan a large role on whether or not you will go to jail if the police catch you with the gun. Not only will you be charged, but you will also more than likely be stuck dealing with federal police officers.

Receiving Stolen Property

When you are buying any ar-15 rifles online be sure to contact your local police department so they can run the serial number on the gun. By running the serial number they will be able to tell if the gun is listed as stolen or if the gun does not match the serial number given. By doing this you can help decrease your chance of catching a new charge from receiving stolen property. Where the item is a gun, the charges are usually more severe as you will have to deal with the federal side of the law as well as the ATF.Same procedure should be adopted while buying AR-10 rifles.

Watching Out for Frauds

With internet sales growing increasingly popular year after year, so doesn’t the chance of you being caught up in fraudulent activity. By making sure you have the correct documents and that the serial numbers match the rifle, you can help yourself avoid any frauds trying to lure you into an illegal purchase. Also, keep in mind that not all frauds are selling stolen items, they could also be selling you a rifle that has missing parts or that does not shoot properly. These things can cause the rifle to be very unsafe which could lead to life-threatening injuries.

Making sure that the seller provides you with documentation on the rifle and running the gun through your local police station in case it is stolen or is part of fraudulent activity will save you the possibility of jail time. All though you may not be aware that a gun is stolen, you can still receive charges for making the purchase. By following these three simple rules, you can help yourself avoid the stress of wondering if the gun you have is legal and follows all regulations.