An escape room is a scenario that is given to a group of players who must use their brains to collectively come up with a solution within an allotted amount of time. Europe and the USA began devising escape games in 2010, and since then, this addictive and very stimulating activity has swept across the UK, and for good reasons.

Typical Escape Room scenario

If you were to enter into the escape room in Leeds, you and your group would assemble in the escape room, and by solving clues and other obstacles, you must find a way out within 60 minutes in order to win the game.

Choosing your Mission

There would be a choice of mission rooms, which might include the following:

  1. Murder & Mystery Scenario – This involves the gruesome murder of a doctor, and your team are a specialist group of detectives who must examine all the evidence, find a hidden artefact and solve the mystery by finding out who the killer is.
  2. Escaping from a Secure Facility – This one takes a lot of planning, and each mission has a difficulty level to help you select the most appropriate for your group.

Teamwork and Problem Solving

This kind of activity is ideal for a team of employees who have to work together, as it helps develop teamwork and problem solving, bringing in a special bond that stays with the team long after they successfully solve the puzzle.

This is an excellent family day out, or it could be something that brings a team together and strengthens their bond, plus it is a whole lot of fun.