Pregnancy is itself a huge blessing and of course a life-changing experience. It’s a beautiful event and obviously does have its perks, but also comes with its own set of challenges, such as weird pregnancy symptoms. No doubt, being a mom is amazing in so many ways, not the least of which is a baby at the end. But what most people don’t talk about is the uncomfortable, embarrassing and some disturbing parts of pregnancy.

What we can tell is as much as pregnancy symptoms can suck sometimes; at the end mom won’t regret a thing. Following are those some annoying pregnancy symptoms:

  • All day sickness– Pregnancy through 9 months of constant dizziness and nausea, slightly tempered by prescription medication.
  • Mom’s face may become furry– Actually, pregnancy hormones run amuck, and often leading to new hair growth. But good news is, after delivery most women shed these fuzzy hair, but one may need to put up with this increased fur till delivery.
  • Constipation, or poops be liquid– Result of hormone change here as well. Increased oestrogen can lead some expectant to battle constipation that never dealt with before, or have chronic diarrhoea. Diarrhoea sufferers can benefit from fibre, and daily exercise may get bowels functioning well.
  • Increased amount of vaginal discharge– One can guess the cause: those pesky hormones. Many women need to wear even pads for vaginal discharge during pregnancy. And need to keep those pads handy post-delivery though; discharge can continue for months after birth.
  • Heartburn– Relaxing and progesterone cause a relaxation of the sphincter that holds food in stomach. Try to eat more frequent meals but in smaller amount, and try limiting spicy or acidic foods. Caffeine can make it worse. So, with rest and exercise and avoiding extra latte would be the best way to fight that exhaustion.
  • Gas attack– Many women produce way more gas when pregnant, and increased pressure and relaxed muscles from progesterone may make it more difficult to hold it in. So try to avoid such gassy foods, including beans and broccoli.
  • Bad breath– An odd pregnancy symptom is a strange metallic taste in mouth with bad breath. Increased gas production can make one belch too. So, one need to keep her excellent dental hygiene up and drink plenty of water.
  • Frequent urge to pee– As the baby grows and puts more pressure on mother’s uterus, and hormones sore, thus bladder wall may get more relaxed, and leave mom running to the washroom.
  • Stabbing vaginal pain– Not many expectant have this odd symptom of pregnancy. As babies liked to position themselves low in pelvis, so from this a mom could feel intermittent lightning or stabbing type shocks near cervix. Scary initially, but a mom need to keep her pelvic floor tight and get some rest.
  • Acne– To some women it’s a very first symptoms of pregnancy was the dreaded break out. A mom can consult with her provider.


The actual scenario is that most of us forget all the little annoying early pregnancy symptoms anyway, hormones erase those memories. Because after delivery a mother has more battles to wage, but a cuddle from a baby makes it so worth it!