Cabinet refacing is generally an essential thing to do to maintain our interior. There are multiple methods we can use, as an example, achieving wood finish can be somewhat more difficult than painting our cabinet. If we desire painted finish, there are also other choices we need to make. As an example, whether we need to paint the old cabinet door or replace the existing ones. Many people who originally plan to resurface the cabinet finally realize that they have grown tired of the cabinet doors and they decide to replace them. However, good refacing technique could ensure our cabinet doors look brand new. This is especially because making our custom cabinet doors can be out of the scope of typical DIY tasks. It is generally easier to look for replacement doors that have identical dimension with our own.

We could make sure whether the door hinges are still usable, so we could reuse them. In this case, we need to measure the dimension of the door and we are good to go. It should be noted that our old doors could have a rabbet around them, so we need to make sure that our new door will have something similar. Some hinges could also have finger pull edges that are milled around the door. Regardless of the type of the door, we should make sure that the new door could work well with our existing hinges. We need to measure the openings of the cabinet ourselves if we plan to buy new hinges for the cabinet doors. Some cabinets use 35mm European style hinges and the overlays could be determined by the type of the mounting plate. It is important to make sure that the parts of the hinge that are drilled into the cabinet doors remain the same.

Once we have measured the door dimension and checked all the details, we should be ready to order our own custom cabinet door. There are essentially endless options of doors that we can get. One of the more common is shaker style door and it is a recessed or inset type. Many of the doors are manufactured from MDF or a combination of MDF center panel and wood frame. There also cabinet doors made from solid slab of wood and this will ensure higher reliability and durability. In the end, we could add some details that give a custom look to our project. The sky is probably the limit when it comes to replacing our door cabinet. Our decision ultimately depends on details that will fit our budget and decor. However, there are some additional options that we need to consider when purchasing new cabinet doors.

As an example, we may ask specific type of veneer to be applied on the exposed ends and cabinet face frames. This will be a good thing to do, because the task can be rather messy for homeowners if they do this on their own. In the end, we should be able to easily replace those old, nasty worn-out plywood cabinet doors by ordering them to specific woodworking specialists.