Can you take too many Herbal Supplements and Vitamins?

Can you take too many Herbal Supplements and Vitamins? 1

As the name suggests, herbal supplements and vitamins are designed to supplement the nutrients we get from the food we eat. In today’s world where the absence of a balanced diet is the order of the day, supplements are thought to be a replacement for the loss of vitamins that people couldn’t get for food. However, can you take too many herbal supplements and vitamins? What point do you get to that the natural herbs become an overdose? Let’s delve into this in detail. If you are looking for high-quality herbal supplements for a range of health issues, you should check the iHerb online store. Check the offer page to find an iHerb promo code to save on your order at the site.

Is it Possible to take an Overdose of Herbal Supplements?

The fact that herbal supplements are safe when taken in moderation doesn’t mean that taking more won’t have an effect. When you combine multiple supplements or take a higher dosage than what is recommended, you can be at risk. Although the herbal supplement industry is monitored by the FDA, the regulation is not as strict as it is with standard drugs. This means there is no assurance that the label contains accurate ingredients and dosage. This means people can get toxic doses from supplements when taken in a very high dosage. When shopping for an herbal supplement, you should consider a store with integrity and quality standard, like iHerb. All products on this site have well-documented details about ingredients and dosages. If you are planning to check out the site, you should get an iHerb promo code so you can save on your purchases.

There are some herbal supplements that when taken in high dosage can have long-term complications such as kidney or liver problems. Some can even cause the hardening of blood vessels, which can really be dangerous. Additionally, herbal supplements can interact with other medications. This is why it is recommended that you speak with your doctor before you start using any herbal supplements or vitamins.

How to avoid taking Toxic Dosage of Herbal Supplements

People with any health conditions, pregnant, or breastfeeding shouldn’t take an herbal supplement or vitamin without consulting their health care provider. If you’re taking a prescription drug, talk to your doctor also before you use herbal supplements.

Additionally, you should follow the right dosage printed on the label of the supplement’s box. When you shop for herbal supplements and vitamins at iHerb, you’ll find that all products come with explicit dosage instruction. Buying your herbal products from the online store is definitely a smart thing to do, and with iHerb promo code, you’ll make savings on your order.

Also, do not take double doses to make up for a missed dose and if you are unclear about the use of a supplement, make sure to discuss with your health care provider. You can also contact the customer support at iHerb to request clarification on any supplement you purchase from their online store. If you also have issues using their iHerb promo code, the customer support team will be of help to you.

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