Are you the Right Person to become a Pharmacy Technician? What are some qualities you will require and tasks that you will perform to be an efficient, able worker while at a pharmacy? Let’s look at some typical responsibilities you will have while being a pharmacy technician. If you think you can go through a typical day of this, we can safely say you’ve got what it takes to be one!

  1. Entering prescriptions. This seems like mundane data entry work but is very important for both patient and drugstore files. You will have to scan prescriptions into the file, and record information like medicine strength, quantity, directions for taking, refills and doctor’s details. Doing this incorrectly can sabotage the steps and processes that follow, so whenever you’re entering in prescription information, be alert, calm and look out for potential snags that could impede the prescription filling process down the road.
  2. Filling prescriptions. You will fill prescriptions for customers who are waiting in the store for you to finish first, before those that are going to do a quick dash of errands or those that have called in. You will look for medicines in their appropriate shelves or cold storage locations. You will have to count out tables, and scan both the patient document as well as the stock bottle to document your filling action. You will print prescription stickers and stick them to the correct patient bottle.
  3. You will handle patients and their families who are picking up or dropping in prescriptions that need to be filled. Sometimes, problems with the insurance may pop up. This can be awkward for the patient and cause them to be upset. You will be instructed on options to give the patient should this happen, but remember to keep calm so that the customer is calm as well. Other issues will crop up too, like mistakes another technician might have made, or delayed orders, or intra drug interactions. You will learn on the job how to get rid of these problems at your level. You can always refer especially problematic cases to the pharmacist.
  4. You will interact with colleagues and customers all day. Having great people skills and effective communication habits count! You will be on your toes during the entire duration of your shift; don’t expect time to sit down and have time to yourself, especially if you’re working in a large pharmacy department or chain.

As you can see, being a pharmacy technician is not that tough! But if you’re nervous about applying to a position and really want to be one, consider pharmacy technician training from an online vocational training school. With organized coursework and the opportunity to do an externship, it may be the boost you’re looking for before that big interview with a pharmacy! Good luck!