Swartz engineering is known for its high quality electrical safety designs. The Type 76 DC relay provides maximum protection for substations.

Swartz Engineering is a major supplier of automation and control systems to the rail industry. Swartz Engineering has been involved in transit projects across North America for many decades. It has also been a key component of numerous rail systems throughout the USA. Our products are currently used by all major North American railroads as well as commuter trains around the globe.

The type 76 DC Overcurrent Relay provides protection and monitoring in third rails. It also has bolted faults and is a solid-state design that can withstand harsh construction. This option is very low-maintenance and can be used in adverse conditions to provide excellent results for your electrical maintenance. The industry has seen a significant improvement with the overcurrent device.

The Type 76 DC Overcurrent Relay can be used to control power circuits in substations. This is necessary in order to prevent over-voltages from causing human deaths. An overcurrent relay lowers the risk by controlling the circuit breaker until there is no more arcing or excessive voltage. This can make switches more reliable and reduce the cost of equipment control panels that can be quite expensive.

This monitoring solution features LED screens that allow for easy monitoring, drawing out construction, calibration controls, and use with any type of shunt. This makes the device more reliable and allows you to use it with both positive and negative constructors.

Type 76 DC Overcurrent relay is safe for use with live parts and heavy machinery. The relay works in any series configuration. Additionally, the solid-state design decreases maintenance costs. Because of its design, the overcurrent device can easily be mounted at any angle.

You can learn more about the Type 76 DC Overcurrent Relay by visiting our website or calling us.

For nearly half a century, Swartz Engineering has been at the forefront of industry safety. They are a family-owned company specializing in power distribution for the electrical industry. They are the leading manufacturer of Type 76 DC relays. It is the most widely accepted protective overcurrent device used in the transit industry today.