We all have our dreams. But we often forget that our dreams sometimes go hand in hand with the dreams of our ancestors as well. There’s a few ideas which have almost always been paired with the human spirit. Some of those have been easy to realize. For example, we’re all quite used to driving at fairly high speeds.

But some dreams tend to go unrealized. For much of human history this has been because the dreams just weren’t possible. For example, one of humanity’s longest held dreams has been to soar like the birds. But this isn’t something we can easily accomplish. Even after the advent of planes it didn’t really scratch the same itch. To be sure, airplanes got us up there.

But there’s really just no denying that it’s the plane that’s flying and not us. We’re just isolated in a long metal tube which keeps the experience away from us. To go back to an earlier example, consider what it feels like to drive a car. We might be in a convertible and able to feel almost everything. We might just have the windows open and the wind in our hair. But even if the car windows are shut, we’re still able to feel what it’s like to be on the road. We feel the bumps and the speed. It’s not exactly like what it might feel to run that fast. But it’s a pretty close approximation. And one very different from what it’s like to fly in an airplane.

There are some ways around this. Some people work on getting a pilot’s license so that they can fly smaller planes. This tends to give a somewhat more immediate feeling in response to changes. Other people take up hobbies which get them off the ground. For example, they might do trail running along cliff edges. Or they might take up rock climbing.

But the most adventurous people have another option available to them. They learn how to skydive. This is often the best approximation of real flight. Consider the example of someone looking for any skydiving san diego ca adjacent. He’s specifically looking for a service close to home. The fact that he’s able to find something nearby is helpful due to lowered transit time. But it also brings the thrill of quite possibly being able to see the same landmarks in the sky that he sees on land.

And when he takes to the sky for the first time he’s able to experience something truly unique. He’s able to feel what it’s like to have calm observation mixed with the extreme emotion of flight. It’s not something most people can describe. Likewise, those who haven’t tried it will find it hard to understand. And this harkens back to the earlier discussion of dreams. In the end, the skydiving fulfills a long held dream of humanity. The excitement and significance of such a thing just can’t be conveyed in mere words. It’s a rush and a solminity which one needs to experience first hand.