We have all experienced it when we walk past one house and their dog is going crazy in the driveway barking at you and looking fierce. We then walk by another and the dog is well tempered, wags its tail and is quite happy to see you. The difference is that one is trained and the other one isn’t. You will see examples of this all around the United Kingdom in homes and parks in your local area, and if you have a dog that doesn’t behave, then maybe it’s time to get it to your local training school.

There is a great value dog training school in Great Notley that trains your dog to be a disciplined and productive member of your family and a trained dog is a happier dog. They can train your dog to do many things there.

  1. As mentioned, the barking issue is a problem for owners and people who have to live beside them as well. Your local trainer will teach your dog not to do this unless completely necessary.
  2. Many pets when young like to chew on your furniture and this has to be nipped in the bud quickly. If you don’t address it, you will be buying new furniture every week.
  3. Everyone loves a well behaved animal and so teaching your dog to obey simple commands is taught at the training school. Things like sit and stay are what they learn first.

Get your new puppy down to your local dog training school tomorrow and this way, you and your pet will get along better.