That’s what you’re serving to your customers each and every day, isn’t it? You’re serving them the best possible fish and chips and you want to keep doing so. But, if your fryer hasn’t been cleaned or hasn’t been maintained in awhile, then chances are that you’re not doing as good of a job with it as you would like to think. That’s when you need a professional company to come out and take a look at your fryer.

What Services You Need

If you haven’t had your fryer looked at in awhile, it probably needs to be evaluated. Sure, it may seem like it’s working fine and your fish and chips may seem all right, but you want to make sure they’re the absolute best, right? That means you need to make sure that you have a great quality fryer to make everything. Reliable fish and chip fryer servicing in Normanton will do just that.

  • Gas tightness testing
  • Check pans for leaks or pitting
  • Clean range duct and pilots
  • Clean burners
  • Re-sit pans
  • Reassemble range
  • Check wiring
  • Clean sump box
  • Clean fan impeller
  • Change gaskets
  • Check safety stats
  • Check temperature stats
  • Check burner pressure
  • Check flue flow test

Everything You Need

All of these things and more are going to help you get the best possible fish and chips for your customers. They’re also going to make sure that your shop is a whole lot safer for you and your employees to run. After all, you don’t want something to go wrong with the pressure in the burner or with the wiring behind it. All of those things could be extremely dangerous if you don’t get them checked routinely.