Dogs are playful and active creatures, so sometimes it can get tiresome to keep pulling them away from things. Why do dogs do this? Most often they do this because they are bored. As he lives in the house with you, he considers your house his own personal play pen. If you are finding that’s the problem for you, a dog kennel could be the answer. A kennel is a place where your dog can expend all his energy without destroying your home. The following are some useful guidelines on how to pick the best dog kennels in Aldergrove:

First of all, it is important for you to choose a dog kennel that satisfies you and your pet’s specific needs. As there is a large number of dog kennels in Aldergrove, make sure that you know what features your particular breed of dog needs. Can he play there while you go about your daily activities? You want a place where he can run around without wandering off.

Before choosing a particular dog kennel for your pet, it is important that you visit the prospective kennel first. Check to see if it is clean. Does it smell? Bear in mind the fact that kennels must not smell, and they should not have any dirt, parasites, or buildup of feces. They need to be disinfected on a regular basis, preferably with professional disinfectants. Doing this is very important because there have been outbreaks of intestinal disease. Although vaccinations are available, the general dog population is not immune to this disease. Sodium hypochloride bleaches can be effective in killing this virus, and it is important that the pet boarding facility uses this kind of cleaner while conducting regular cleaning procedures.

Some dog kennels or cat kennels have a policy where visitors are not allowed in the facility where pets are kept. This is very important, as people can often bring in diseases and bacteria because they do not follow the same strict disinfecting guidelines that the staff members are trained in. Another reason why this is done is because some pets tend to react in an aggressive manner towards strangers. This can usually lead to a dog injuring himself or developing some health problems. But, if a pet boarding facility has this sort of policy, they must at least have a viewing window so the pet owners can see where their pets will be kept.

Call the prospective facility up first to determine if they can accept your dog. Chances are that they may be overbooked, or they may not accept certain breeds or very young puppies. If a facility accepts a dog that is on a special diet, they will likely ask you to bring in a supply of food for the entire duration of your dog’s visit.

With that said, when choosing cat kennels or dog kennels in Aldergrove, make sure to keep all of the above mentioned aspects in mind. All of these guidelines will help you make an informed decision.