Published On: Thu, Nov 21st, 2013

Ideas on Motivating Employees

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Motivating your workforce isn’t an easy task. One of the main questions about employee motivation is why do some employees work harder than others?

Limit Using Carrots and Sticks toMotivate Employees

 Motivating EmployeesSome managers believe that employees are motivated by punishment and rewards. This has proven to yield some rather uninteresting results. This is often referred to as the carrot and stick method to motivate employees to produce the desired results for the company.

As some employees put in more effort than others this method is seen as no longer being effective. The workplace has now become awash with people that bring specific skills. That alone makes it difficult to judge employees on the same merit.

Concentrate on Using the Intangibles toMotivate Employees

The same kinds of things drive and motivate human beings – which is what all of your employees are at the end of the day. If you manage to tap into some internal feelings to an employee then that is worth more to them than an expensive reward.

All employees are motivated if their line manager encourages them, make them feel included, value and appreciated. They all have their own personal goals in life and want to make progress towards them in their chosen career. Most employees want to do work that is of value to the company and be perceived as an integral person to the business.

Instead of rewarding your employees by giving them things, you should try to enable them to do things. If you want to get rid of different levels of effort from different employees, then you need to find out what each employees internal motivation is.

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